Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scranton News

We have read with great interest the programme to be observed by our friends of Kingstree on "Memorial Day." In the language of another, we owe it to ourselves, as well as to the dead, this duty, for monuments and memorial days declare the patriotism of the living no less than the virtues of those whom they commemorate.

The town council has had the shade trees on the streets trimmed up. These trees are now in better shape, while the removal of the drooping branches opens up a better view of the town.

Dr. Byrd is cultivating quite a large tobacco crop. He has made all preparations for successful handling of the "golden weed" and has employed an experienced hand to attend to the business for him.

We are informed that Mr. W.A. Webster, who resides near Lake City, has collated his inventive geniuses and is endeavoring to reduce the "perpetual motion" theory to a practical result. He is constructing a machine which he claims will demonstrate the fact when it is completed.

The picnic season is here and already we hear of picnics, etc. We are told that the Baptist Sunday school proposes having one shortly at Cockfield's mill which will be the event of the season.
The County Record, May 6, 1897

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