Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Are These the Men?

Nothing new has developed in the case of the two negro men who were arrested in Hampton County and brought over here last week, charged with the murder of the two unknown Italians near Salters a month ago.
The negroes are still confined in the jail here, though nothing definite has yet been proved which would connect them in any way with the crime–the only evidence against them being a Winchester rifle, two pistols and a razor having been found in their possession at the time of their arrest. Just why they should have brought these weapons along with them on a visit to their "girls" is not altogether clear to the authorities. Then, too, their tale concerning the yellow fellow who was with them and who escaped arrest is almost improbable.
Nothing more has been heard of the negro who got away. He pretty well filled the description of the third man of the party supposed to have done the killing. 
A rumor was afloat in Kingstree a day or two ago that three men who filled the description of the Davis boys and their "pal" had been arrested in Savannah, but when the sheriff was interviewed he said that he knew nothing of the arrest. Before the governor a reward for the murderers, eleven men were arrested for the crime, but not one has been arrested since. Will not someone earn the reward?
The County Record, May 13, 1897

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