Friday, April 9, 2010

The Last Call

By universal custom, the 10th of May, being the anniversary of the death of "Stonewall" Jackson, has been set apart for the holy purpose of decorating the graves of our deceased Confederate heroes.
The ladies of Kingstree have heretofore annually performed the sacred task, but for the ensuing anniversary, it has been determined to invite all of Williamsburg county to participate.
Mr. E.C. Dennis, the scholarly principal of the Kingstree Academy, has kindly volunteered the assistance of his school, and the pupils are now daily rehearsing their patriotic songs and recitations under the instructions of the accomplished assistant, Miss Kate Lee Dickson.
Col. James McCutchen has been invited and has consented to preside over the meeting. Rev. J.E. Dunlop will deliver an oration, and everybody who has ever had the pleasure of listening to that gentleman knows what a treat there is in store. 
Commandant D.E. Gordon, United Confederate Veterans, has issued an invitation to the survivors to attend, and it is hoped that many of them will find it convenient to do so and pay honor to their dead comrades.
The Lake City Light Dragoons have been asked to join in the parade and fire a military salute, and we trust Capt. Morris will see his way clear to accept this invitation.
The programme has been published in the last issue of The County Record, and the members of the committee are requested to meet at once and make the necessary arrangements for the performance of the labor of love which has been assigned to them.
We make this appeal to the ladies of WIlliamsburg county to contribute as many flowers as can be conveniently sent in on Monday morning. A committee will receive all such donations at the store of Mr. Louis Jacobs.
The County Record, May 6, 1897

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