Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Eggceptional Story

Mr. S.J. Coker of Lake City was among the old veterans who attended the "Memorial Day" exercises here Monday. In a conversation with a County Record reporter, Mr. Coker said that he had seen the little article recently published about the Clarendon county gentleman who placed 15 eggs under one hen, and the hen hatched 27 chickens and left 8 eggs in the next, no other hen having laid in the nest with her, and that he had a hen which beat that record "all hollow." Continuing, Mr. Coker said that he had placed 12 eggs under one of his hens; twenty-six chickens were hatched, and four eggs were left, no other hen having laid in the same nest or near it, and no other eggs were placed there by anyone. Whew! Next!
The County Record, May 13, 1897

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