Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scranton News, Pt. 2

Section Foreman Johnson will soon commence taking up the track now being used on the Northeastern railroad and replacing it with heavier and more substantial railing. This work has already been completed from Charleston up to Salters, and the company proposes extending it on to Florence this spring.

Mr. Fore of the firm of Fore & Foster, lumber dealers, Wilmington, came down a few days ago and placed an order for 250,000 feet of fine lumber with Messrs. Nachman Bros. of this place. Mr. Fore says the lumber produced in the belt is of very superior quality, and he prefers having his orders filled by the mills in this section.

We understand that Mr. S. Evans contemplates erecting a steam saw and grist mill at this place in the course of a few weeks. He will also put in a cotton gin in time for the fall crop. This will add another industry to our town which will conduce to the material growth and upbuilding of the place. We welcome all such enterprises and hope the near future will produce still greater developments along industrial lines.

The next thing to be done is the establishing of a telephone line from here to Lake City, and why not extend it on to Kingstree? We have no telegraph office here, and we are always behind in getting the news. We want to keep up with the outside world, and we think telephonic communication with other places would do a great deal to change our relation.

Rev. J.J. Baggett has a patch of corn that is tasseling out. This is the earliest we have ever heard of, and we doubt very much if anyone else in the State has corn so forward as this.
The County Record, May 6, 1897

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