Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lake City News

The farmers are rejoicing over the late rains. Crops are now looking fine.

Mr. J.J. Morris has moved into his new home, but it is not yet completed. When finished it will add much to the looks of that part of the town. We wish that several others of our citizens who are able to do so, would erect nice residences. It would add much to the appearance of the town and increase the value of the property near the buildings.

Business is quite dull now, but we hope for better times. Your correspondent went several miles into the country last Sunday and found that the farmers are well up with their work in spite of the late start they got. Of course, if the farmers have good luck and make good crops, business will be brisk in the fall.

Strawberries are fine this year. Mr. H.H. Singletary has shipped 266 crates; Dr. Hinnant shipped 75 crates; B.L. Singletary, 15; J.D. Singletary, 32; J.A. Green, 18, making a total of 406 crates, prices ranging from 15 to 40 cents.
The County Record, April 29, 1897

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