Monday, March 15, 2010

Decoration Day, Part II

The committee in charge of decoration for soldiers' monument, etc., in the afternoon is as follows: Misses Maymie Jacobs, Bessie Kelly, Anna Elwell, Beulah Nelson and Sallie Wilson. It is very desirable to have a large crowd present, and we hope the ladies throughout the county will save up plenty of flowers for the occasion. Let everybody bring flowers, and the committee will have an easy time. A special invitation is given to all old soldiers, their families and friends to be present and to help make the exercise a success.
The Lake City Light Dragoons are expected and will fire a salute over the graves. It is hoped that the stores will all close in time to give the clerks an opportunity of attending. The programme, which will be very interesting and will not detain you more than an hour is as follows:
Calling to order by chairman; Opening prayer, Rev. W.D. Moorer; Song, "America," pupils of Kingstree Academy; Declamation, Mr. S.M. Wolf: Recitation, Miss Mildred McCabe; Recitation, Miss Florence Jacobs; Song, "Red, White and Blue," pupils of the Academy; Declamation, Mr. Edwin Hirsch; Recitation, Selma Thorne; Recitation, Miss Barbara Jacobs; Declamation, Mr. Louis Gilland; Song, "Swanee River," by seven young ladies; Orator of the day: Col. J.E. Dunlop.
The County Record, April 29, 1897

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