Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding

The most notable event that has transpired in the social domain of this community in many a day was the marriage of Dr. H.L. Baker to Miss Belle Hemingway which took place at Union Church on the evening of the 14th inst., the Rev. Geo. W. Davis officiating.
Promptly at 8:30 o'clock, to the measured strains of the wedding march beautifully rendered by Mrs. Geo. Hemingway, the bridal party, preceded by Messrs. W.E. Cook of Scranton and W.J. Durant of Rome, ushers, filed in in regular order and took their respective positions. The bride and groom came down the aisle, immediately preceded by  two little flower girls and assumed their proper place. 
The ceremony was then read in the most solemn and impressive manner by the officiating clergyman, making the two man and wife. The church was brilliantly lighted and beautifully decorated for the occasion. 
A beautiful floral arch was constructed over the place the bride and groom stood and suspended from this was a heart pierced by Cupid's shaft. The initial letters "B.H. to H.R." of golden foil were attached to the top of the arch.
After the marriage, the bridal party and the invited guests repaired to the hospitable home of Capt. W.C. Hemingway, the bride's father, where a reception was tendered.
A sumptuous supper was served, and after refreshing the inner man, the guests were charmingly entertained by some fine selections of music beautifully rendered by some of the young ladies and the Messrs. Johnson. 
The bride was the recipient of many handsome and useful presents. 
We regret that lack of the desired data prevents us from giving a more adequate description of this occasion. 
Our best wishes are extended the happy couple.
The County Record, April 22, 1897

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