Friday, March 19, 2010

Beautiful Roses

Upon returning from a short railroad trip the other morning, tired and dusty, we were very agreeably surprised and much delighted to find a beautiful bouquet of fine roses on our desk. The flowers were of the "Marechal Neil" and "Grace Darling" varieties, and attached to the bouquet was a card bearing the name of Mrs. Louis Stackley. It filled our heart with joy to know that we were so much thought of by a member of the fair sex to prompt her in sending in so excellent a donation which filled our office with its fragrance, and made us for a time forget the trials and tribulations attached to the life of a country editor.
Mrs. Stackley has quite a number of varieties of flowers, and there is not a more thorough florist in this section than she. The roses sent in are of the very finest varieties known, and our appreciation of them is unbounded.
The County Record, April 29, 1897

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