Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Death on the Rail

M.C. Coker, a white man, was run over and killed by a freight at Cades yesterday evening about 7 o'clock. No authentic details of the killing could be obtained, though we held back our issue in order to secure the facts.
From what could be learned, it seems that Mr. Coker was on one side of the track and his team on the other. The train was an extra and was going into the side track to open the main line for a mail train when Mr. Coker attempted to cross the tracks just ahead of the engine to get to his horses. The train was moving at a rapid speed, and the engine struck the unfortunate man and passed over him, horribly mangling him and killing him instantly.
Several gentlemen were right near and were witnesses to the horrible tragedy. The coroner was telegraphed for and will hold an inquest this morning.
The County Record, April 29, 1897

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