Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Confederate Veterans

The surviving soldiers of the Confederacy in each township in Williamsburg county are requested to meet at some convenient place in their respective townships on Wednesday, April 28, 1897, for the purpose of organizing township boards under a recent act of the Legislature. The meeting will elect three persons (old soldiers) in each township to be known as the township board, to whom all applications for pensions must be made. Ten days after said meetings, say, Monday, May 10, the chairmen of the respective township boards are required to meet in Kingstree for the purpose of organizing a county board and to take action in all new applications for pensions. It will not be necessary for old pensioners to present new applications, nor can pensioners be members of any of the several boards
G.J. Graham
Chairman of Old Board
The County Record, April 22,1897

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