Friday, March 12, 2010

An Easter Hop

The Easter hop given by the Wee Nee club at the Lyons Hotel on Tuesday night was a very enjoyable function. The large double parlors afforded ample room, and the light fantastic was gaily tripped until the "wee sma' hours."
The crowd was not as large as usual, but seemed to make up in enthusiasm what was wanting in numbers. The music on piano and violin as furnished by Messrs. Bullard and Wolfe was most inspiring, and the floor was all that could be desired.
Among the visitors present were Miss Mabel Rollins of Lake City, Miss Bessie Howard of Salters, and Mr. P.A. Willcox of Florence.
The Wee Nee club is not yet two years old but is a potent factor in the social life of Kingstree. Its dances are always enjoyable occasions and are looked forward to with much interest.
The County Record, April 22, 1897

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