Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Murder Most Foul

Perhaps the most dastardly deed ever committed on Williamsburg county soil was the double murder, causing the death of two apparently harmless Italians, which occurred about four miles below Kingstree near Salters last Saturday night. Both the murdered men and the murderers are unknown.
The murder was discovered by Mr. Ed. McClary, a young farmer who lives near Salters, about seven o'clock Sunday morning. Mr. McClary was passing the scene totally unaware of any terrible crime having been committed when his dog began a loud barking and howling near a ditch. Mr. McClary went over to the ditch to see what was attracting the dog's attention and was horrified to see lying in the ditch the body of a white man, cold and stiff in death. Mr. McClary hurried to Salters and reported his discovery. At once a large crowd went to the scene and viewed the remains of the unfortunate foreigner. The crowd rapidly increased in numbers, almost everyone being armed. One of the party strolled into the edge of the woods nearby and there found another dead body, that of an old man with gray beard. Immediately a search for more bodies was initiated, but, of course, none were found.   (To be continued)
The County Record, April 22, 1897

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