Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lower Bridge Damaged

The "lower" bridge across Black river was almost totally destroyed last Friday by a raft of logs. Mr. J.A. Ferrell of Salters was in town the day on which the bridge was damaged, and he said that he saw two rafts of logs floating down the river with no one guiding them. The first of the rafts passed under the bridge, but the next one struck the piles and knocked the foundation from under about fifty feet of the bridge, and almost the entire structure fell into the stream.
There is a law on the statute books of South Carolina prohibiting rafts being floated down navigable waterways without someone to guide them, and this matter should be looked into by the proper authorities, and the guilty parties made to repair the damage.
The County Record, April 22, 1897

Photo: Lower Bridge, circa early 1900s, from Williamsburg County, South Carolina: A Pictorial History.

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