Friday, February 26, 2010


About four o'clock Sunday afternoon, Magistrate J.G. Lifrage summoned a jury and held an inquest. The autopsy was made by Mr. L.N. Boyd. His testimony was all that was brought out before the coroner's jury. The examination showed that the young man's throat was cut in three places; his skull was fractured, and a rifle ball had passed through his body, piercing his heart. The old man's throat had been cut from ear to ear, the head being almost severed from the body. The jury returned the following verdict:
We, the jury, find that two unknown men came to their death, one from a gunshot wound, and the other from having his throat cut by parties unknown to the jury."
In the meantime, poss├ęs had been organized and sent in every direction to search for the murderers. The sheriff was notified, and he wired to Florence for bloodhounds, but, for some reason, did not get them. (To be continued)
The County Record, April 22, 1897

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