Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still They Come

Almost every day we hear of a new business being started in town or a new enterprise springing up so that it is difficult to keep up with the march of progress. Last week, within a few days of each other, a new mercantile business opened up and a bottling works plant installed before the people of the town–or most of them at least– knew what was happening.

The mercantile business is in the McCabe building, the style of the firm being Edgeworth Bros. & Co., with Mr. C.A. Edgeworth as the manager. The same firm operates a similar business in Camden, from which town Mr. Edgeworth comes. We are glad to welcome him and his family to town.

The bottling works plant is located in the building next to Mr. J.N. Hammet's dwelling–where The Record made its home until the business outgrew the building. Mr. Charlton Kelley of Timmonsville, who is a brother of Dr. Kelley of our town, is the proprietor of the bottling business, which will bottle the usual variety of "soft" drinks for distribution to dealers.

We bespeak for these new enterprises a long period of profitable existence here.
The County Record, March 10, 1910 

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