Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Echoes from Cedar Swamp

This section of Williamsburg County away back in time that antedates the war between the States and possibly the revolutionary period was settled. The names of some of the old settlers are: the McCreas, McCulloughs, McCottrys, Scotts, Flaglers, Chandlers and Graysons. There was a time (we get our information from deeds and boundaries of old land papers), that Montgomerys, McElveens and Boyds owned property in this section.

These lands are drained by Cedar swamp, and the neighboring country was known then and is today called Cedar swamp section. Some fifteen or twenty years ago a post office was established here. The names "Cedar Swamp" and "Benson" were sent in, but as a shorter name is preferable to the post office department, "Cedar Swamp" was rejected and "Benson" accepted as the name of the new office.

In the course of time Benson post office was discontinued, and the patrons are favored now by a rural route instead.

Ye scribe has been reporting news from Benson post office and, as we have no more post office but have still the old original Cedar Swamp, with Cedar Swamp graded school, Cedar Swamp church, Cedar Swamp Camp "WOW" and Cedar Swamp voting precinct, we are asking our obliging editor to find us a caption other than "Benson News."
The County Record, March 2, 1916

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