Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New County Jail

The new jail is now ready for the architect's inspection before its final acceptance by the board of county commissioners. While the new structure is not very large, it is one of the handsomest jail buildings in the State, and those in a position to know say that it is amply commodious for all demands likely to be made upon its capacity.
Through the courtesy of Supervisor Graham a representative of THE RECORD was shown through the building, "from turret to foundation stone." The foundations are brick, stone and cement, and the fixtures seem to be up-to-date in every respect. Inside the walls is the gallows, which implement, while not exactly a "thing of beauty" works so smoothly as to almost make death by strangulation seem a sort of euthanasia,
The plans were drawn by C.C. Wilson of Columbia, and the work of construction carried out by the Pauly Jail Co. of St. Louis through their southern branch at Atlanta, Ga., managed by Will L. Landrum & Sons, who assigned to the work their Mr. S.V. Sedgwick.
The County Record, Nov. 24, 1904

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