Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Matters Around Dock

It will not be "many long summer days" ere we will have the luscious melons. Every farmer has planted melons, and there is a friendly rivalry as to who shall pull the first one and raise the most. Mr. J.C. Josey has a cantaloupe in his patch that measures 16 inches in diameter.

The crops in this section are very fine. It was a hard matter with some of the farmers to get a good stand of corn. The rice crop promises to yield abundantly. The oat crop is practically a failure. There is no tobacco planted in this section of the county; in fact, there is none between this place and Lake City.

The people here are sick and disgusted with the dispensary now. Some of them would prefer to have whiskey sold at every crossroads rather than have things continue as they are. More offices, higher taxes––dishonest officers. Mr. Editor, "rip 'em up the back and lace 'em down the front." We need your assistance.
The County Record, June 10, 1897

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