Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prizes for Watermelons

Who raises the largest watermelons? In order to decide this question to the satisfaction of all, we have decided to offer a premium to the person who raises the largest melon this season. Our proposition is this: To the person who brings us the largest melon this summer we will give one year's subscription to the County Record. Just think of it! Besides gaining the reputation of the being the raiser of the largest watermelons, you get a copy of the County Record every week for a whole year.
In addition to the foregoing , we also offer a year's subscription free to the person who first brings us in a ripe melon this season. If you are already a subscriber to the County Record, you subscription will be "shoved up" one year from the date of its expiration. Don't allow this opportunity to escape, but get a whole year's subscription for one melon. Of course, we are not partial to melons, but our editor and entire staff are very fond of every kind of fruit. Don't let the melon offer keep you from bringing in fruit.
The County Record
June 17, 1897

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